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How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton Tread

How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton Tread. Follow this easy steps to make it work, follow these steps: There are roundabout ways to get it to sync using these third party apps or devices, however it's an extra step.

How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton Tread Aststory from

If you have any further questions, we'd recommend reaching out to peloton support for additional assistance. Please wait to pair the watch until the countdown clock is at 1 minute (otherwise the watch will time out and disconnect). How to connect your peloton bike+ with apple watch first, make sure you have your phone nearby, too.

The Apple Watch Is Not Currently Compatible With The Peloton Tread.

To sync an apple watch to the original peloton bike, go into the app store and download an app called heartcast. Scroll down to ‘workout’ toggle on ‘detect gym equipment’ pick a ride on the peloton bike+; After you download the app on to your phone and watch just open the app on both devices.

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Tap “Ok” On Your Apple Watch To Finish Pairing.

Once this process is completed, you can open the peloton app on your apple watch to initiate a connection to your bike or tread. On your iphone, launch the apple watch app. Scroll down and enable “detect gym equipment”.

Go To The My Watch Section At The Bottom And Click On “My Watch” Follow The Menu Bar And Select ‘Workout.’ Turn On “Find Gym Equipment” Choose A Ride With The Peloton Bike+ Click ‘Start’ To Begin.

How to sync apple watch to peloton bike and tread. From there, open the peloton app on your phone and tap the. On to your peloton tablet;

Please Wait To Pair The Watch Until The Countdown Clock Is At 1 Minute (Otherwise The Watch Will Time Out And Disconnect).

How to connect apple watch to peloton? Then, tap the detect gym. From there, you’ll be taken to the health app on your iphone where you need to choose the “turn on all” option, which will allow the peloton app to access your health data.

Press ‘Start’ Hold Your Apple Watch Up To The Top Of The Screen.

The reason the apple watch doesn't connect to peloton bikes and treads is because it isn't an ant+ device. We see you're unable to sync your apple watch with your peloton tread. To connect your apple watch to your peloton, you’ll need to start by downloading the peloton apple watch app, and ensuring you’ve got the peloton app on your iphone or tablet.

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